Thursday, May 14, 2009

Interesting facts

  1. Rains of many kinds of living creatures have actually been reported from earliest times and all over the world. On 28th May 1881, during a thunderstorm on the outskirts of Worcester, England, tons of periwinkles and small hermit crabs fell on Cromer Gardens Road and the surrounding fields.
  2. The modern Christmas tree tradition came from Western Germany, from a medieval custom. It was called a paradise tree -- a tree decorated with apples, wafers (or cookies), and candles representing the Garden of Eden, the host, and Christ.
  3. A man named Sir Henry Wyat was sentenced to the Tower of London, at a time when prisoners generally starved to death. Sir Henry's kitty-cat seemed to understand the situation because she snuck into the Tower bringing him a freshly-killed pigeon every day. When the king heard of this, he must have felt sad for the kitty, because he immediately set Sir Henry free.
  4. One out of the ordinary punishment of the Elizabethan England was called the drunkard's cloak. It was a punishment for public drunkenness; the name though is misleading. The drunk was forced to wear a barrel and wander through the town while the villagers jeered at him. Holes were cut in the barrel for the person's hands and head, causing it to become like a heavy, awkward shirt.
  5. The alarm clock was not invented by the Marquis de Sade but by a man named Levi Hutchins of Concord, New Hampshire; in 1787.There was something strange about his invention from the beginning. The alarm on his clock could ring only at 4 am. There is a rumor that Hutchins was murdered by his wife at 4:05 am on a very dark and deeply cold New England morning.