Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chilling news about Children

A 38-year-old Saudi man has been arrested on charges of setting up a child pornography website - Arab news


Child pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry and among the fastest growing criminal segments on the Internet according to the USA. There is a massive increase in the production and dissemination of child pornography - " in the availability, accessibility, and volume of child pornography. Child pornography on the Internet is becoming more brutal and graphic, and the number of images depicting violent abuse has risen fourfold since 2003.

About 82 percent of cases worldwide of children being sexually molested occurred in places that were supposedly safe — and some 77 percent of molesters were people whom the children trusted.

Such statistics should be a wake-up call to threats against childhood innocence, not only at home but also in kindergartens and schools where children spend so much time.

Sexual harassment results in adverse effects on the child, physically and psychologically. Molested children may turn away from the opposite sex. These children may never be able to live a normal life, especially if the molester is one of the parents. The child victim may end in becoming a molester himself when he grows up.

Harsh punishments and deterrent laws are still not in the offing. Our society is pointing an accusing finger to the West. It would be more useful to learn from the laws of the West in such cases instead of just condemning it as being a promiscuous society.

We have to enlighten our children about sexual harassment and instill in them the confidence to refuse any attempt at abusing their bodies.

Masha Allen, who was adopted at age 8 from the former Soviet Union by an American man was sexually abused for five years She testified before the United States Congress about the anguish she has suffered at the continuing circulation of the pictures of her abuse A law named for her "Masha's Law," is included in the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act passed in 2006.


  1. Ms. Nirmala

    You have referred to the most condemnable aspect of the human nature: the child abuse. It is nearly impossible to protect a child from being harassed and abused by their near realtives. Only the moral upliftment can help solving the problem.

    Naval Langa

  2. The people promoting or endorsing such crimes against women and children should be given open punishment so that it can be a message to others. The laws need to be stringent against such crimes.