Saturday, March 28, 2009

Delete the repeated word?

ABM missile - Anti Ballistic Missile missile

AC current - Alternating Current current

ATM machine - Automated Teller Machine machine

BASIC code - Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code code

CAD design - Computer-Aided Design design

CD disks - Compact Disk disks

CNN news network - Cable News Network news network

EMS Service - Emergency Medical Service Service.

GMT time - Greenwich Mean Time time

HIV virus - Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus

ISBN number - Intenational Standard Book Number number

ISDN network - Integrated Services Digital Network network.

LCD display - Liquid-Crystal Display display

NATO organization - North Atlantic Treaty Organization organization

PIN number - Private Identification Number number

RAM memory - Random Access Memory memory

SAT test - Scholastic Aptitude Test test

Do you realize that we are repeating the last word like an echo. This needless repetition of an idea in a different word or phrase or sentence is known as pleonasm . It is also known as redundancy or tautology.

Ponder over expressions as

climb up

ice cold

completely blind

freezing cold

handwritten manuscript

invited guests

pre planning

refer back

This is due to the influence of foreign languages on English . It is used deliberately for emphasis or from lack of realization that the words are redundant.

Does it not look like the opposite of oxymoron.

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