Saturday, April 25, 2009


What a horrifying way to die / to kill

People have been heard to complain that thriller and c rime movies and fiction give bright and innovative ideas to execute their plans.

Jesus Christ was crucified to the cross along with two criminals. Nails were fixed into his palms and feet. That was a gruesome way to die. But the nailing of a man has given ideas to murderers of late.

In Australia, Chen Liu a 27 year old Chinese immigrant ‘s decomposed body was found by two children in the marshlands of Sydney’s Georges Rivers in November 2008. The body was wrapped in a carpet and bound with electrical wire.Liu came to Australia in 2000 and was reported missing last year.

Postmortem revealed shocking results. The X ray of the man’s skull revealed that the man had been shot repeatedly about 34 times in the head and neck with a high power nail gun widely available and used in construction. The nails were found embedded in the skull. Homicide squad detectives hold that the man must have been fired with a high – powered nail gun (Reuters)

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