Friday, October 2, 2009


A Muslim groom was outraged to open an envelope at his wedding celebration to find that one of his friends had given him only one, lonely fifty Riyal bill .Incensed at this tightwad behavior the groom decided to confront his friend -or perhaps ex-friend from a moment ago- right then and there.

The argument ran thus:
Groom: "What’s the matter with you? I gave you two thousand for your wedding"
Stingy guest: "Yes, and I gave you two thousand at your first wedding. But this is your second wedding, and for your second wedding you get fifty Riyals"

It was about here when the two men went after each other with punches and slaps until the groom’s father took control of the situation and calmed the men down.

Well that goes to say a lot on a marriage ceremony repeated - with a new bride
Courtesy Arab News

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