Saturday, March 21, 2009

Multitasking Mania

I am a born-again uni tasker. And I do not intend to go back.

I have always been an ambitious kind of person who wants to be always busy, and on my feet. I took pride in the thought that I was the ultimate multi- tasker and never failed to sing of its glory to my friends . I felt elated whenever someone asked me “you did all that in a day?”

I was constantly switching tracks throughout the day.I became a multi-tasking junkie. I just couldn’t do one thing at a time.

Parents,especially a mother, is a notorious multi-tasker. She can do the dishes, wash a load of laundry and begin fixing dinner while talking to the kids, answering the phone and -----trying to take a deep breath

Multi-tasking has become a necessity in everyday life - shifting focus from one task to another in rapid succession. It gives the illusion that we're simultaneously tasking, but we're really not. It's like playing tennis with three balls.

I can no longer meet my friend A without feeling I am contesting with somebody for her time. While I am at dinner with A , B calls me on my cell phone and A takes the moment I am on phone to talk to her daughter, who is busy typing away on her lap top while listening to music from an ipod.

Catching up on the latest news while waiting for your tardy dentist ,is a healthy use of time. But to watch TV while you eat your dinner is not

I could cook, wash my cook ware, run the semi automatic washing machine and watch the movie on the TV. Wonder how? That is easy. When there is a song in the film or an Ad break,check out the washing machine and attend to your o cooking.In the short time two more plates can be washed. It is just a trick and a knack of perfect timing. A little smartness and alertness come in handy. It is definitely not suited for absent minded people. So in a way, it could be positive training for such people. I could keep juggling a lot of balls in the air without dropping them.

I plodded on since I felt that time was short and there was so much to do. I worked as if there wasn’t a tomorrow.

Despite my self congratulatory attitude, I somehow felt everything was not perfect. As I went about my various chores I realized that my sense of focus was short circuiting my attention span.The more I juggled tasks, the less efficient I became at completing the tasks thoroughly and on time. This is because multi-tasking dramatically reduces your concentration. It becomes impossible to focus your attention long enough when your brain is forced into nano-flipping mode. The pressure can sometimes be significant enough to cause physical discomforts such as headaches, stomachaches and sleeplessness. Compulsive multi-taskers get frenzied, frustrated, forgetful, fearful and frantic.

I gradually learnt it though the hard way that Multi-tasking is just an attitude. To be super busy is to be super efficient. - Extremely appealing. Besides, it is very important to say that we have no time to spare. People don’t multitask with a desire for efficiency. It is a mere habit. One easily gets hooked to it and becomes a slave to the addiction. It is a craziness starting from within .It is fun in the beginning and kicks a lot of adrenaline into us.

I realized that multi-tasking is the badge of honor of the techno-age. The term "multi-tasking" was created for computers, not humans, enabling its users to surf the Web, print reports, and download the latest CD all at the same time. This is brilliant for my Dell, but not so great for my declining ability to focus. As I started my multi-tasking fast, sticking on rigidly to one schedule at a time was extremely difficult. Initially I could not fit into the groove. I swore to be a solo tasker - to escape the reign of terror in an already chaotic world and to find a little oasis of sanity and peace.

Eventually I was able to break my multi-tasking habit.
( I am tempted occasionally though)
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