Friday, March 13, 2009

Rage about Ragging

I am losing faith in humanity.
Ragging I thought was slowly being discouraged and becoming a losing trend in educational institutions. I realize the rage for ragging has not ended.

The death of Aman Kachru, an upcoming medical student in Rajendra Prasad Medical College on in Himachal Pradesh is an indication that society lacks sensitivity. To kill a young man of only 19, destroy his dreams and his as well as his family's future shows sheer negligence, and failure to take preemptive measures. What began as ragging ended up in beating an innocent boy to death.

One of the suspects is the son of a senior faculty. Does this give him the right to bully new students in a beastly manner? If beating a student to death is his way of fun the law should have no qualms about clapping such criminals in prison for years. Laws in our country regarding ragging are not stringent enough even after several cases year after year.

Fun really is got at a dear price. Not only students, even responsible officials rag new comers.

Is this kind if initiation a necessity? If yes for what ultimate end does it serve to make a new police officer eat manure?

A police recruit in Colombia is handcuffed naked and fed manure in an initiation rite carried out by at least eight officers who are his colleagues.
This came in as a rude shock to me. I almost lost faith in humanity. Why do people indulge in such bizarre activities? What end does it serve? Is it not another form of the ragging that takes place in colleges?

There is always an excuse for ragging, that it is a means to strengthen the bond between seniors and juniors. Is it the same among the novices in the police force too? It is in poor taste. What sadism is this? Is this their kind of fun?

“The honor of being a police officer costs” This is all about building mental pressure on the junior. Most of the seniors try their best to prove to some high ranking fresher that he is not fit to be in the job - that he had defeated the system somehow and that he was a "fraud. Probably this was to break the ego of the fresher, to make him realize that he was among people equally good, or even better!

Police personnel, ought to be mature in every way.

If this trend continues years of living in a bullying culture can make a person insensitive to pain. The fear of the future compels you to obey demands in the present. Although interactions between seniors and juniors should never be discouraged one must understand that it should not cross the limit so as to jeopardize someone's career and life.

When the world is grappling with pressing problems and reeling under the impact of a global meltdown, students indulging in shameful acts of ragging are an utter waste of a country’s useful resources.

Higher education without moral values has no meaning. Academicians, educationists and the governments should put down the evil menace of ragging with an iron hand at all levels.

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